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1988 Golden Melon PTA 001

Genre: Shu/Black/Cooked/Ripe
Factory: Unknown
Vendor: Grandtea.com
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 07/01/2005

Background    Late 1980s was a broad vintage given

Dry Leaf Appearence:   

Water to Leaf Ratio:     3.2 gr of Leaf in 75 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 75ml Yixing pot Rinsed tea with boiling water for a 20 seconds. Used Boiling mountain spring water collected at the source.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Leaf were mostly whole and very lively. There did crumble when rolled between the fingers.

1st Steep    45s - Liquor was the color of an amber honey. Tastes very green for a black puerh, the secondary fermentation must have been very light. Notes of grass or reeds. Very vegetal.

2nd Steep    30s - Green, vegetal, less bite, not what I expected from a cooked puerh.

3rd Steep    50s - Tartness is giving way to a little bit of a wood note, albeit a green wood or bamboo.

4th Steep    60s- Flavors are becoming more balance however there is a bitterness starting to emerge.

Subsequent Steeps    120s - Bitterness becoming the leading component, although a hint of sweetness is emerging in the aftertaste

Conclusion    I find it difficult to classify this as a black puer. It is not as smooth as I would expect a cooked puerh of any age to be. That being said I think that in 10 years this may indeed be quite good.

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