Pu-erh Reviews

2005 Ban Zhang Bing

Genre: Sheng/Green/Uncooked/Raw
Factory: Meng Ku
Vendor: Yunnan Sourcing LLC
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 01/12/2006


Dry Leaf Appearence:    High grade multi-colored small leaf with some silver tips.

Water to Leaf Ratio:     7 gr of Leaf in 150 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 150ml Yixing pot Rinsed tea with boiling water for a 20 seconds. Used 195f mountain spring water collected at the source.

Wet Leaf Appearence:   

1st Steep    30 seconds: Light yellow liqour, tad astringent, tad bitter, vegetal, grassy, with a very full mnouth feel like one would get with a sencha.

2nd Steep    15 seconds: Smooth for its age, floral notes, goes down easy.

3rd Steep    30 seconds: More bitter, steeped too long.

4th Steep    20 Seconds: Much better this time, mildly bitter, grassy, strong, tasty

Subsequent Steeps    Got about 5 more steeps before I had to go to bed. It held up well and could have kept on going.

Conclusion    Sorry, I am not feeling very eloquent tonight. This tea is a very good sheng puerh, it is particularly good for someone to start their journey with. It is relatively tame and flavorful.

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