Pu-erh Reviews

1970s Yi-Wu Tung Ching

Genre: Compressed Sheng/Green/Uncooked/Raw
Factory: Ton Chin
Vendor: Ho De Fine Tea
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 02/05/2006

Background    10g sample as offered on his site. He is to be commended for offering these small aged samples as few do.

Dry Leaf Appearence:    Dark whole leaf, loose enough to break up easily. Slight dank smell.

Water to Leaf Ratio:     5 gr of Leaf in 120 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 120ml Yixing pot. Rinsed tea with boiling water for 3 seconds. Used Boiling mountain spring water collected at the source.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Nice looking very dark and whole leaf with a little bit of stem.

1st Steep    1 minute: Wood, thick wood, roasted mulch, finish has an edge.

2nd Steep    45 seconds: Better this time, more balanced, less roasty, wood, mulch, touch of sweetness in the finish.

3rd Steep    45 seconds: Wood, mulch, touch of damp basement,

4th Steep    1 minute: Strong wood, a little sharpness, still a wee bit of damp basement.

Subsequent Steeps    The tea improved somewhat after the 5th steep and it lasted a solid 15 steeps before getting light. It got a sweet finish towards the later steeps. Throughout the whole experience it left a dry feelling in my mouth akin to what we used to call "cotton-mouth" back in the day.

Conclusion    This tea was ok, not bad but it wasnt on par with some other 70s era teas I have tried. High humidity storage brings that damp basement or wet laundry thing to a puerh and there was just a hint of it here. It tasted as though it had been exposed to high humidity at some point in its liftime. Dont get me wrong, it is not wet-storage puerh by any means, but there is a hint of humidity storage in there somewhere. All in all it wasnt bad but I would spend your high end dollar on something else, like his 60s GYG.

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