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Late 70's Yun Lai (aka 7532)

Genre: Aged Green
Factory: Unknown
Vendor: Sunsing
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 02/16/2006

Background    Shared a sample from Sunsing with a couple of freinds, was glad I did.

Dry Leaf Appearence:    large leaf with a dusty layer

Water to Leaf Ratio:     4 gr of Leaf in 120 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 120ml Yixing pot. Rinsed tea with boiling water for 60 seconds, allowed damp leaves to sit for one minute after that. Used Boiling mountain spring water collected at the source. Used short steeps based on feedback from one of my friends.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Dark, whole leaf, very nice whole leaf, a few stems,maintained a dry stiff texture.

1st Steep    5 Seconds: Wood, mulch, vanilla, sweet finish, its all there.

2nd Steep    5 seconds: Well balanced combination of wood, mulch, grain, with a pistachio finish and a ghostly hint of sweetness.

3rd Steep    10 Seconds: Much more sweetness in your face this round. Smooth, rich, sweet, with a nicely thick mouth-feel.

4th Steep    15 seconds: More up front sweetness, VERY nice. Less wood, more mulch, full sweetness, hint of vanilla, touch of reed, with a touch of sweet prune. It leaves the mouth rather dry.

Subsequent Steeps    The rest of the steeps resmbled the first few. The tea evolved as the steeps progressed. I gave out before the tea did. I got a solid 12 steeps out of it before I had to go to bed. There was more left in the tea but I didnt have time to nurse it out.

Conclusion    This was a real treat. I was skeptical as the tea was not documented and marketed as heavily as the older puerhs on this site. My skepticism was unfounded. This is a very good example of the genre.

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