Pu-erh Reviews

2003 top grade Palace Puerh

Genre: Shu/Black/Cooked/Ripe
Factory: Meng Hai
Vendor: M and J's
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 03/07/2004


Dry Leaf Appearence:   

Water to Leaf Ratio:     8.5 gr of Leaf in 475 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Used boiling water and an Aria teapot

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Fine leaves and buds

1st Steep    Steeped for 1 minute. Aroma was very fresh not at all musty. Elemental flavor with metallic hints. Very Mild.

2nd Steep    Bolder strength and liquor color. Taste is more velvety with slightly twangy aftertaste.

3rd Steep    Aroma resembles weak hot chocolate. Surprisingly mild for a 3rd steep. No astringency at all, mild sweetness is faint in the aftertaste.

4th Steep    Again No astringency. Flavor diminishing

Subsequent Steeps    Again No astringency. Flavor almost gone.

Conclusion    While this may be considered a premium product, I definitely prefer some of the compressed blacks better. In fairness I never have appreciated loose puerhs as much as the compressed ones.

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