Pu-erh Reviews

1992 Fangcha

Genre: Aged Green
Factory: Menghai
Vendor: Jing Teashop
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 11/21/2006

Background    Sample was given to me by a friend

Dry Leaf Appearence:    bits of light and dark brown leaf, appear to be broken

Water to Leaf Ratio:     4.6 gr of Leaf in 100 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 100ml gaiwan. Rinsed tea twice with water for a 5 seconds each time, then let tea stand for one minute before steeping. Used 195f mountain spring water collected at the source.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Chopped and/or broken leaf, not a whole leaf in the lot. Color of brewed leaf ranged from brown to dark brown.

1st Steep    45 seconds, sweet musty aroma, smooth - very smooth, a bit of astringency. Hints of hay, wood, and rice.

2nd Steep    30 seconds: Still very smooth, more wood, less astringency, this tea really makes my mouth water, it generates lots of saliva.

3rd Steep    45 seconds: Less astringent, very smooth, more wood and some mulch. A very warm and comforting mouthfeel. No real sweetness yet but a nice round profile.

4th Steep    60 Seconds: hints of bamboo or hay or grass, cant quite put my finger on it. Still making my mouth water greatly.

Subsequent Steeps    All in all it was a good session. The steeps mellowed as time went on, I eventually got 12 solid steeps while gradually raising the water temp in the last 5, my last steep was 4 minutes at a full boil. The heavy salivating capacity never diminished. I did note a touch of maple syrup in the last few steeps but that was the only sweetness that ever surfaced.

Conclusion    The edge of youth has dissipated considerably, still has a touch of astringency, lots of the wood thing going on, maybe even notes of bamboo, a definite dryness in the mouth, beautiful crystal clear amber liquor, somewhat acidic on the stomach, later steeps yielded a smoother cup with just a hint of mulch coming to the table. The early cups still had a little teenage rebellion but the later steeps showed the promise of a young adult.

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