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1999 Pu-er Cha Wang

Genre: Compressed Shu/Black/Cooked/Ripe
Factory: Unknown
Vendor: Silk Road Teas
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 11/26/2006

Background    Sample was given to me by the vendor

Dry Leaf Appearence:    Dull tan, light brown, almost like a Yunnan Gold in color

Water to Leaf Ratio:     7 gr of Leaf in 150 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Gungfu in 150ml Yixing pot. Short 15s rinse. Used Shenandoah Mountain spring water, the spring is about 20 miles from my home.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    High grade leaf with just a little bit of stem,lots of bits and pie ces too.

1st Steep    45 seconds at full boil: Smooth, wood, mulch, hint of mushroom, and a hint of tobacco (in a good way).

2nd Steep    45 seconds: More subdued mulch, generally stronger yet still smooth. Extremely well rounded.

3rd Steep    30 seconds: Weaker, shouldnt have backed off the steep time. Smooth, rich for as light as it is.

4th Steep    90 seconds: Notes of citrus emerging, wood and mulch subsiding, still smooth.

Subsequent Steeps    The tea faded fast after about 5 steeps. It never did reach a point of significant sweetness however it was rich and flavorful all the way to the end.

Conclusion    The flavor was smooth, rich, and satisfying, however the liquor was not as crystal clear as I would have liked. All in all this was a very tasty cooked puerh and I wish it would have lasted longer.

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