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2000 2000 Bulk Mini Pu-erh Tea Brick

Genre: Compressed Shu/Black/Cooked/Ripe
Factory: CNNP
Vendor: puershop.com (free sample)
Reviewed by Christina on 03/18/2007

Background    From the vendor's website: "Few knew that this CNNP made mini pu'er brick was ordered by a Russian vendor to export to EU in 1999, so it was called 'Russian Batch'. A small quantity was dispatched and locked up in CNNP's warehouse in Kunming till Puerh Shop got it."

Dry Leaf Appearence:    n/a

Water to Leaf Ratio:     11 gr of Leaf in 960 ml of water

Brewing Method:    My own special brewing method for the place (an off the grid country home north of Topeka, Kansas) and occasion (late afternoon, come in from a walk, light the wood stove, and talk in the growing dark). 5 mini-bricks (11 grams) placed in a tea ball, steeped two full minutes in one quart more of less of filtered water brought to a full boil, served in mugs.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Too dark to tell

1st Steep    As above. This was my first attempt to share pu-erh outside the family. Tea was mildly earth-y, not quite sweet (think bitter chocolate), thick and rich.

2nd Steep    Another quart of water, full boil. Two or maybe three minutes. Same rich taste.

3rd Steep    I didn't try another steep, as it was getting pretty late, but suggested that my friends try in the morning, if they felt inclined. I was pretty sure they'd get at least one more, possibly two steeps before the flavor gave out.

4th Steep   

Subsequent Steeps   

Conclusion    Mind you, I am a complete novice with a completely undeveloped palate. But I woke up craving this tea. Will order more.

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