Pu-erh Reviews

2000 Aged Yi Wu Old Tea Horse Road

Genre: Aged Green
Factory: unknown
Vendor: Yunnan Sourcing
Reviewed by Katmax on 04/03/2007

Background    Unsually this tea comes in a nice double wrapper. Apparently produced by a small factory.

Dry Leaf Appearence:    The cake has already lost its green appearance and the leaves look nicely brown. They are not compressed too tightly and break off easily and look like mostly unbroken leaves.

Water to Leaf Ratio:     7 gr of Leaf in 200 ml of water

Brewing Method:    In a large open infuser in a glass cup.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Leaves have regained a muted green appearance. Mostly whole leaves of a fairly small size.

1st Steep    Medium brown, clear liquid. No smoke or bitter flavour. However, its also not as strong as I'd hoped it would be based on the rather fragrant smell of the dried leaves. The tea has a mild caramel flavour to me.

2nd Steep    Medium brown, clear liquid. A bit stonger than the first brew but very similar in taste. Still no smoke or bitterness. Smooth with a very slight edge.

3rd Steep    The liquor appears to be weakening already and takes longer to get a nice brown in my cup. The taste is a little thicker, but this is not a "heavy" tea or "thick" liquor tea. Similar taste to previous cups.

4th Steep    Tea liquor continues to weaken and takes longer to get a good cup. Still tastes nice.

Subsequent Steeps    I don't think that there are too many more brews left in this - maybe 2?

Conclusion    This tea is easily drinkable now. Its not a really strong tea either in taste or the number of brews you get out if it. Not terribly memorable either when it comes down to it. Its easy to drink, but not a tea that makes you sit up and say "excellent!". It appears to be ageing well, but I suspect it won't pick up too much more strength with further age.

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