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2006 6 FTM Six Mountains Ancient Tree Original Tea

Genre: Compressed Sheng/Green/Uncooked/Raw
Factory: Yunnan Six Famous Tea Mountain Tea Industry Co. Ltd
Vendor: Dragon Tea House (eBAY On-Line Internet Store)
Reviewed by El Jefito on 07/29/2007

Background    A high grade product of 6FTM factory in 2006. Pure wild broad arbor leaves.

Dry Leaf Appearence:    The dry leaves appeared normal and average with a combination of green, dark green, and some light green colors. The compression was tight but breakable with a puerh knife. Good impression.

Water to Leaf Ratio:     2.4 gr of Leaf in 120 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Tea Competition Style. The international standard competition brewing requirements are 3 grams of tea in 150 ml of water for 6 minutes. The brewing cup with lid from the set I acquired is only of 120 ml, not 150 ml. Due to this difference I have adjusted the amount of tea to 2.4 grams. With this modification my brewing method is equal to the international standards. The ceramic competition set consists of one brewing cup with lid 120 ml, one bowl 225 ml to pour the brew into, one soup spoon to taste the tea. I also used the following: a white ceramic presentation vessel to view the dry tea leaves, 110v electric metal kettle, a gram scale, a water thermometer to ensure water temperature of exactly 100 degrees Celsius, tea towel, and a ceramic waster water collection bowl. The water was store bought spring water.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    The leaves had a nice green color with good water absorption. Broken pieces that were not visible when dry did appear after brewing.

1st Steep    6 minute brew, poured liquid soup/liquor into bowl, put spoon into bowl, observed color of liquid, smelled tea fragrance from liquid, removed spoon without liquid and smelled spoon up close, used ceramic spoon to taste brewed tea. The tasting was conducted by sipping tea into mouth, drawing in the liquid and aromas through air suction. Once the tea was in the mouth the tongue was rolled and the tea was swirled to use the whole mouth for tasting. I did not spit out the tea as in competition; rather I swallowed the tea to try to sense any returning or lingering tastes in the tongue, mouth, or throat (Hui Gan/Hui Tian).

2nd Steep   

3rd Steep   

4th Steep   

Subsequent Steeps   

Conclusion    The flavor and fragrance of this tea was that of a mellow bitter, jerky, astringent taste with hints of smokiness. The taste was not very powerful but real fermentation has not set in. I drank about 50 ml of the brew to feel the tea energy. I felt yang type energy rush to my head which caused a slight headache and momentary dizziness. The tea seems to have enough energy that it should produce good fermentation over time. No tastes or smells of sweetness were detected since the tea is new. My recommendation of this tea is storage with tasting every 3 years to look for transformations from bitterness to sweet aftertastes, signs of good puerh. I recommend buying this tea

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