Pu-erh Reviews

2003 Silver Needle Beencha Puerh

Genre: Sheng/Green/Uncooked/Raw
Factory: Unknown
Vendor: Silk Road Teas
Reviewed by Mike Petro on 03/29/2004

Background    wild arbor tree tealeaves from menghai county

Dry Leaf Appearence:    Green stringy leaf

Water to Leaf Ratio:     10g gr of Leaf in 475 ml of water

Brewing Method:    Boiling water - Aria Teapot. I used a little more tea than I normally do because of previous experimentation with this tea.

Wet Leaf Appearence:    Small leaf all whole- lots of white tips, many remained floating in the pot.

1st Steep    2 minutes - Sweet spicy aroma. Mild green tea taste with slight sweetness, very subtle flavor.

2nd Steep    1 minute - More vegetal, more pine like woodsy flavor, more spicy, more chocolaty sweetness as the tea cooled. Reminds me of a Christmas spiced tea.

3rd Steep    2 minutes - More vegetal, more chocolate, some sweet.

4th Steep    3 Minutes - Getting much more mellow now with a chocolaty sweetness.

Subsequent Steeps   

Conclusion    They simply called this Puerh Green Beencha (High Quality) but it is the same as other silver needle or white tip puerhs I have seen recently. This appears to be a relatively new style of Puerh, I donít think anybody really knows how it will age yet.

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